Chlorinated disinfecting tablets (120 tablets per bottle)

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Disinfect all commercial facilities from entry to exit!

EPA Registered Uses

For use in amusement parks, breweries, beverage and food processing plants, food processing and canning plants, bottling plants, fish processing plants, meat and poultry processing plants, schools, universities, hospitals, neo-natal units, physicians/pediatricians offices, office buildings, nursing homes, elder care centers, child care centers, daycares, shelters, cafeterias, diners, eating establishments, institutional dining establishments, hotel restaurants, food service, stores, shops, camp sites, casinos, movie theaters, industrial facilities, military installations, licensed care facilities, institutions, catering, kitchens, vending machines, Intensive Care Unit, ICU operating rooms, emergency waiting rooms, dental facilities, gyms, locker room facilities, health clubs, restrooms, Tattoo parlors, manicure pedicure salons, commercial laundries, and prisons.

This product is for use in hospitals, medical and dental offices and clinics, operating rooms, isolation wards, and medical research facilities. Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing facilities, biotechnology firms, pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies.

Container SizeType SolutionNumber of Tablets
5 Gallon Buddy Jug EPA Sanitizer 1
Mop Bucket - Up to 5 Gallons EPA Sanitizer 1
Third Sink - 5 Gallons EPA Sanitizer 1
Quart Spray Bottle EPA Disinfectant
Kills Norovirus in 1 minute
C Diff in 10 minutes
Quart Spray Bottle EPA Disinfectant
Kills C Diff in 4 minutes
Quart Spray Bottle Grout Cleaner / EPA Fungicide
Mold and Mildew Stain Remover
Electrostatic Sprayer
Quart Tank
EPA Disinfectant @ 2153 ppm
Effective against 31 pathogens
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