Carpet brush for 20 inch swing 996-0240

USA-CLEAN certified replacement part

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This brush is ideal for deep cleaning your carpet, pre-spray and scrub, and extraction. The Adjust-A-Glide®-Rotary reduces machine drag and operator fatigue and cleans more efficiently, and it is also supported by an adjusting gliding plate so the bristles can be set to the correct cleaning depth.This is ideal for holding a pad or driving a carpet bonnet. Its heavy polypropylene bristles are cut short and unevenly trimmed for excellent pad penetration, and it also comes with a riser for proper pad size needs.

May fit on these models - select model and diagram to confirm


  • 180AD50ZQ0TF
  • 361800A
  • 517 WITH UP2
  • 732918
  • 812418
  • 812918 W/ NP-9200
  • 996-2062
  • SF517 WITH UP2
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