Floor Wash 5000

Floor Wash 5000
Floor Wash 5000 floor cleaner has been developed to exploit the entire cleaning surface, guaranteeing incredible results in a single sweep, even when faced with stubborn dirt or difficult-to-reach areas.
•Simply fill the solution tank and squeeze the trigger to feed cleaning solution onto twin counter-rotating brushes
•Converyors recover the dirty water depositing it into the central recovery tank
•Offset brushes and drive unit work right to the edge of the machine and in difficult areas
•Remarkable performance resulting from unique 800,000-bristle brushes counter-rotating at 780 RPM actively lifting dirt, water and grime from the floor surface, replacing mops, buckets, scrubbers and wet vacuums.
•Excellent for interim carpet maintenance programs as the carpet dries in <30 minutes
•Cleaning Path - 14"
•Solution Tank - 1 gallon
•Recovery Capacity - 0.5 gallons
•Brush Speed = 780 RPM
•Brush Motor - 1,000W / 1.3 HP
•Power Cord - 35 ft.
•Weight - 24 lbs.
•Working Capacity (sq.ft/hr) - 5,380

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