BR 120/250

BR 120/250
The KARCHER BR120/250 is a battery powered riding floor scrubber. It is a simple to operate rider scrubber that switches between scrubbing, polishing, and vacuuming modes with just the turn of the dial. The roller brush speed and all other necessary functions automatically adjust depending on what application you have chosen on the control dial. This way you can switch from aggressive grime busting scrubbing power to a more light and easy maintenance type pressure. The KARCHER BR120/250 is ideal for large areas but works well in tighter spaces and aisles.

Cleaning path: 47 inch (121.9 cm)
Brush speed: 600-1200 RPM
Solution/Recovery tanks: 66 gal (249.8 L)
Batteries (required): 36V
Product length: 74.8 inch (190 cm)
Product width: 50 inch (126 cm)
Product height: 61 inch (155 cm)
Product weight: 2800 lb (1270 kg)

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