Floor Pad Selection Guide

USA-CLEAN by Jon-Don offers a comprehensive range of pads designed for various applications, including polishing, scrubbing, stripping, and buffing. These high-quality pads are specifically crafted to provide optimal performance and efficiency, ensuring excellent results in commercial and industrial cleaning tasks. Whether you need to revitalize the shine on hard floors, remove tough stains, or maintain a pristine surface, USA-CLEAN's diverse pad selection has you covered.


Polish   X          
Scrub X     X X    
Stripping         X X  
Buffing X X          

We also offer a range of pads designed for various applications, providing different finishes to fit your specific needs. Our selection includes Soft Finish pads for delicate surfaces, Medium Finish pads for general cleaning and polishing, and Hard Finish pads for more aggressive scrubbing and buffing tasks. Whether you need a gentle touch or heavy-duty performance, we have the perfect pad to help you achieve the desired finish and keep your floors and surfaces in top conditions.

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 Gorilla® MinimalJaguar® MultipleAqua Plus® MultipleBlue Jay® MaximumBlue Ace® MaximumGorilla Lite® MaximumSuperspeed Rubberized® Maximum
Soft Finishes    X       X  X
Medium Finishes     X X X    
Hard Finishes X            

Concrete Maintenance Pads - Diamond by Gorilla®

Diamond by Gorilla® is a system of floor pads that cleans and polishes concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors mechanically without the use of chemicals. ETC's Diamond by Gorilla® system consists of floor pads impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds that will transform any dull, worn floor into a clean, shining floor. The diamonds come in different sizes, creating different levels of aggressiveness ideal for cleaning and polishing. This system cna be used on surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo, marble, ceramic and other natural stones as well as VCT when using the 1500 and up polishing pads. 

Most aggressive. For damaged floors or use after grinding. HD removal of scratches and discoloration.
Very aggressive. For damaged floors or use after grinding. HD removal of scratches and discoloration. Leaves satin or matte finish.
Intermediate step or first step in floors not maintained. Cleans surface. Removes small scratches. Leaves a slightly reflective finish.
For maintained floors. Cleans and prepares floor for high polish. Removes fine scratches. Conditions stone and concrete floors for final polishing. Can be regular maintenance pad.
Normal daily maintenance pad. Produces and maintains a "wet look" shine. Can be used on concrete, stone, terrazzo, tile and VCT.
Produces and maintains a "wet looK" shine. Can be used on concrete, stone, terrazzo, tile and VCT.
Produces and maintains a "wet look" shine. Can be used on concrete, stone, terrazzo, tile and VCT.


The Redwood® Floor Machine Pad


ETC's Redwood® floor pad is designed to recondition the surface of a wood floor (gymnasiums, parquet areas, etc...). With its fine abrasive action, it will smooth the surface of raised wood fibers that are created when using water-based sealers and finishes. It will deburr, smooth and clean wood floor surfaces between coats to give you adhesion and the resulting level surface needed for the next coat. Redwood® is a 3/8-inch pad and should be used with our 1-inch ETC Red pad to drive it.




The ACS Turbostrip Segmented Rotary Strip Pad features polygonal segments with overlapped angular edges that bite into floor wax aggressively.

Independent lab tests show that it achieves up to 5 times wax removal than standard black strip pads depending upon the number of coats need to be removed.

This pad dramatically reduces excess floor wax on strip pads. The pad life increases while the floor stripping work is completed faster. 



Ruff® Brush Pads


  • Thousands of brushes laminated to a floor pad
  • Aggressive but not abrasive
  • Seged to secure the edges
  • The porous materials allow liquids to pass through to the surfaces for use with autoscrubbers
  • Ruff® is lightweight, flexible, easily switched between regular floor pads and is much less expensive than a wooden brush blocK
  • Circular and rectangular pads in all standard sizes



Superscreen Discs


Superscreen discs are used primarily on hardwood floors. The discs sand down the old finish so that new finish can be applied. This is known as the "scour method" of refinishing a floor and is most often used on gym floors. Superscreen discs come in grits ranging from very coarse to super fine.

All our discs are manufactured with waterproof resins and silicon carbide abrasive, assuring you of the finest quality discs you can buy. All grits available in rectangular sizes for orbital machines.

Carpet Bonnets

Whether you call it bonnet cleaning, absorbent pad cleaning, carbonated shampooing cleaning or spin pad, this method of adapting hard floor spray buffing to carpets is a viable part of any carpet maintenance program when done correctly.

Cleaning with ETC's Tiger® carpet bonnet produces several key benefits, including efficient cleaning and rapid drying. THis method also evens out the appearance of a carpet between low-traffic and high-traffic areas and pulls out additional soil left behind after extraction.

When done correctly, bonnet cleaning can improve the appearance of a carpet, even after extraction, because the carpet bonnets can pick up soils left behind during the initial cleaning process. As carpets dry, soil, soil rises up to the surface and can be picked up by carpet bonnets.

ETC's Tiger® carpet bonnet cleaning also gives custodial staff greater control over how they clean. Solution may be applied in two different ways: either by immersing the bonnet in water, wringing it out and using it on a low-speed rotary floor machine before pre-spraying the carpet with cleaning solution and running the machine over it; or by applying the cleaning solution directly to the carpet bonnet before attaching it to the machine. 

Not all carpet bonnet are created equal, and ETC is proud to offer the most durable and reliable carpet bonnet in the industry today. ETC's Tiger® carpet bonnet features a looped-end synthetic yarn with non-abrasive pile lifting and cleaning stripes. The double-sided, washable carpet bonnet delivers long wear and tear and minimal linting. 

Tiger® Carpet Bonnet

Tiger® is a great carpet bonnet featuring looped end synthetic yarn with non-abrasive pile lifting/cleaning stripes. The yarn is long staple synthetic for long wear and minimal linting. Tiger® is double-sided, washable and available without stripes.

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