U.S. Products ADVANTAGE 400

U.S. Products ADVANTAGE 400

The US PRODUCTS ADVANTAGE 400 is an electric carpet extractor. The adjustable 400 psi positive displacement pump is ideal for deep restorative carpet cleaning or carpet or dialed down to clean upholstery and delicate fabrics. The US PRODUCTS ADVANTAGE 400 features a durable rotomolded body that is corrosion proof.

Solution tank: 13 gal (49.2 L)
Recovery tank: 10 gal (37.8 L)
Product weight: 99 lb (44.9 kg)

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    Used / Repaired

    Asset Type: Carpet Extractor
    Equipment Category: Vacuum / extractor /carpet care
    Equipment Industry: Floor care / janitorial
    Shipping Time: Ships in 2-4 weeks
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