Tennant 1530

Tennant 1530

The TENNANT 1530 is an electric extractor. The unit has an easy one button operating system with twisting handle grips. The TENNANT 1530 has two cleaning modes, deep and surface, that can be selected for the appropriate job. This unit features both front and rear solution fill ports that allow the machine to back or drive forward to the fill station.

Cleaning path: 19 inch (48.3 cm)
Motor: 1.63 HP 3 stage
Solution tank: 30 gal (113.6 L)
Recovery tank: 21 gal (80 L)
Sound level (operators ear): 72 dBA
Product length: 50 inch (127 cm)
Product width: 22 inch (55.9 cm)
Product height: 42 inch (106.7 cm)
Product weight: 395 lb (180 kg)

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