The ROTOMAC ET15B is a battery powered escalator cleaner. It contains 15 rotating brushes of different lengths and materials to simultaneously scrub and sweep dirt off escalator steps. The ROTOMAC ET15B cleans the horizontal and vertical parts of the escalator step. It is easily transported on a trolly and sits stationary on the escalator.

Cleaning path: 20.4 inch (52 cm)
Brush speed: 35 RPM
Solution tank: 4 gal (15 L)
Recovery tank: 4 gal (15 L)
Product length: 53 inch (135 cm)
Product width: 21 inch (53.6 cm)
Product height: 49 inch (125 cm)
Product weight: 374.7 lb (170 kg)
Sound level (operators ear): 72 dBA

  • 20 inch (500mm) ROSEMOR ROTOMAC ET15B

    20 inch (500mm) ROSEMOR ROTOMAC ET15B EQ209850




    Shipping Time: Ready to ship
    Equipment Category: Transportation
    Equipment Class: Self contained
    Equipment Industry: Floor care / janitorial
    Movement: Push / pull
    Power: Cord electric
    Working Width: 20 inch
    Asset Type: Escalator Cleaning Machine
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