Tennant T7

Tennant T7

The TENNANT T7 is a battery powered ride on floor scrubber. The combination of the micro-rider scrubber compact size and front drive/steer system means you can clean floors anywhere a walk-behind scrubber can go. The Tennant T7 keeps operators focused on their cleaning environment with 360 degree view and simple controls.

Cleaning path: 26 inch (65 cm) (disk), 28 inch (70 cm) (cylindrical), 31 inch (80 cm) (disk or cylindrical)
Brush speed: 225 RPM (disk), 1500 RPM (cylindrical)
Machine voltage: 24V
Solution tank: 29 gal (110 L)
Recovery tank: 29 gal (110 L)
Sound level (operators ear): 69 dBA
Product length: 60 inch (152 cm)
Product width: 33.3 inch (85 cm) or 39.3 inch (100 cm)
Product height: 50 inch (127 cm)
Product weight (w/o batteries): 585 lb (265 kg), 632 lb (287 kg), 653 lb (296 kg)

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