Tennant 7200

Tennant 7200

The TENNANT 7200 is a battery powered rider floor scrubber. Since this unit is battery powered it can be used indoors where propane and gasoline units are not idea. The TENNANT 7200 has a “no-tool” squeegee and brush replacement as well as the FaST System. The FaST system reduces water usage by controlling the flow of solution to the floor and mixing of chemicals. The solution is sprayed onto the floor in a foam form which breaks down dirt better than normal solution.

Solution tank: 35 gal (133 l)
Recovery tank: 55 gal (210 l)
Product length: 72 in (93.9 cm)
Product width: 40.25 in (60.9 cm)
Product height: 53.5 in (96.5 cm)
Product weight: 2500 lb (1134 kg)
Sound level (operators ear): 61 dBA

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