TASKI by Diversey SWINGO 350E

TASKI by Diversey SWINGO 350E

The TASKI swingo 350E is an electric walk behind auto scrubber. It is designed with a low machine profile and a handle that folds backward for easy access under tables or racks. The roller brush, which is offset to the side, allows edge-close cleaning as well as access to corners. The wiping blade in front of the brush helps to remove the cleaning solution when moving the machine backward. Compared to manual cleaning, the machine delivers significantly higher hygiene levels and improves the floor appearance as well as consistency of result. This is achieved through maximum scrubbing action and the innovative V-shaped squeegee which leads to excellent drying results, even on difficult floors such as tiles with deep grouts, and uneven or structured floors. Due to the nearly perfect drying results, the risk of slip-falls caused by wet floors is reduced to a minimum. This makes TASKI swingo 350 E the perfect solution for use in daytime operations, even in high traffic areas. The ergonomically designed, height-adjustable handle with hand protection allows for the safe and comfortable use of the machine. The machine is very robust and durable and can withstand even the toughest cleaning tasks, making it one of the most reliable machines of its type in the marketplace today.

Cleaning path: 15 inch (38 cm)
Solution tank: 3 gal (10 L)
Recovery tank: 3 gal (10 L)
Product length: 31 inch (79 cm)
Product width: 18 inch (45 cm)
Product height: 17 inch (43 cm)
Machine weight: 148 lb (67 kg)

  • 15 inch (380mm) TASKI SWINGO 350E

    15 inch (380mm) TASKI SWINGO 350E EQ214498

    MSRP: $3,600.00

    TASKI by Diversey

    Fully Reconditioned

    Shipping Time: Ready to ship
    Equipment Category: Automatic floor scrubber
    Equipment Class: Walk behind
    Equipment Industry: Floor care / janitorial
    Movement: Push / pull
    Pads or Brushes: Daily cleaning brush
    Power: Cord electric
    Scrubbing Method: Cylindrical
    Working Width: 15 inch
    Asset Type: Electric scrubber
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