Tennant T3

Tennant T3

The TENNANT T3 is a battery powered walkbehind autoscrubber. The tanks for both clean and dirty water are completely accessible for easy clean out. A convenient debris strainer in the dirty water tank prevents objects in the dirty water tank from clogging your drains. The TENNANT T3 brushes and squeegees can be changed in minutes without the use of tools. The squeegee tool is self-adjusting so the the unit will always dry floors quickly.

Cleaning path: 17 inch (43.1) or 20 inch (50.8 cm )
Vacuum motor: .5 HP 2 stage
Recovery tank: 15 gal (56.8 l)
Solution tank: 10.5 gal (39.7)
Batteries (required): (2) 12V
Sound level (operators ear): 68.5 dBA
Product length: 51 inch (129.5 cm)
Product width: 30 inch (76.2 cm)
Product height: 43 inch (109.22)
Product weight: 343 lb (155.5 kg)

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