Clarke (Alto) FOCUS II S20

Clarke (Alto) FOCUS II S20

The CLARKE-ALTO FOCUS II S20 is a battery powered auto scrubber. The compact size allows the operator to use in smaller areas, but the unit is rugged enough for larger jobs. The CLARKE-ALTO FOCUS II S20 has easy to use controls that decrease training while improving productivity.

Cleaning path: 20 inch (50.8 cm)
Brush speed: 153 RPM
Solution tank: 14.5 gal (54.8 l)
Recovery tank: 14.5 gal (54.8 l)
Battery (required): (1) 12V
Product length: 52 inch (132 cm)
Product width: 29 inch (73.66 cm)
Product height: 42 inch (106.68 cm)
Sound level (operators ear): 65.8 dBA



    Clarke (Alto)

    Used / Repaired

    Battery Amp Hours: 105
    Shipping Time: Ready to ship
    Battery Type: Wet
    Equipment Category: Automatic floor scrubber
    Charger Type: Onboard
    Equipment Class: Walk behind
    Equipment Industry: Floor care / janitorial
    Movement: Push / pull
    Pads or Brushes: Pad driver
    Power: Battery powered
    Scrubbing Method: Disc
    Working Width: 20 inch
    Asset Type: Battery Auto Scrubber
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