Onyx Engineered Products TRI STRIP

Onyx Engineered Products TRI STRIP

The ONYX TRI STRIP is a propane powered stripper. The unit has a simple design so it reduces maintenance. The transport wheel reduces fatigue. The ONYX TRI STRIP features a standard catalytic muffler that lowers emissions.

Cleaning path: 24 inch (60.9 cm) or 27 inch (68.5 cm)
Brush speed: 325 RPM
Sound level (operators ear): 87 dBA
Product length: 51 inch (129.5 cm) or 53 inch (134 cm)
Product width: 26 inch (66 cm) or 29 inch (73.6 cm)
Product weight: 275 lb (124.7 kg) or 300 lb (136 kg)

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