Tennant 2510

Tennant 2510

The TENNANT 2510 is a battery powered walk behind burnisher. This unit is ideal for areas propane buffers are not allowed and/or impractical. The TENNANT 2510 has a low base profile that is perfect for cleaning under shelving and furniture. This unit has a built in dust control system that captures dust particles during burnishing eliminating the need for dust cleaning after and providing a more hypo allergenic atmosphere for customers and employees.

Cleaning path: 20 inch (50.8 cm)
Pad/Brush Speed: 2000 RPM
Machine voltage: 36V
Sound level (operators ear): 70 dBA
Product width: 24 inch (60.9 cm)
Product height: 40 inch (101.6 cm)
Product weight: 525 lb (243 kg)

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