Minuteman LUMINA 20

Minuteman LUMINA 20

The MINUTEMAN LUMINA 20 is a battery powered buffer. The simplified control panel allows the operator to control pad pressure by using one knob. Raising and lowering the pad driver is made easy with a convenient foot pedal. The MINUTEMAN LUMINA 20 feature Minuteman's Multi-Flex® pad driver which adjusts to the highs and lows of the floor while retarding pad growth.

Cleaning path: 20 inch (50.8 cm)
Pad/Brush speed: 2000 RPM
System voltage: 36 V
Product length: 35 inch (88.9 cm)
Product width: 18 inch (45.7 cm)
Product height: 35.5 inch (90.17 cm)
Product weight: 445 lb (201 kg)

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