TASKI by Diversey SWINGO 855B

TASKI by Diversey SWINGO 855B

The TASKI swingo 855 B auto scrubber is an agile machine, which is easy to handle while offering increased productivity due to its wide working width.

The 20-inch (51-cm) brush unit allows very efficient cleaning of floors and close along walls, leading to great performance. The 11-gallon (40-l) tank volume and the patented IntelliFlow radically increase performance and reduce time-consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation. The patented brush follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width, which leads to excellent soil removal.

The new, patented V-shaped squeegee enables excellent water pick-up on the floor. Due to the proven three-wheel concept, adjustments of the squeegee are no longer necessary.

The use of high-tech material and long life components enhance uptime, while reducing service and repair costs to a minimum. Simple to use and easy maintenance All components needing frequent maintenance are color-coded in yellow and can be removed easily without tools. The dashboard is self-explanatory and displays all relevant information. These features allow trouble-free operation and require minimum operator training.

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