Equipment for Sale

Equipment For Sale

  • 24 inch (600mm) TASKI SWINGO 1255B                          24 inch (600mm) TASKI SWINGO 1255B

    TASKI by Diversey

    22 inch (560mm) TASKI SWINGO 1255B EQ247404

    22 inch
    The TASKI swingo 1255 B is a walk behind auto scrubber. The machine’s patented IntelliFlow always ensures the right amount of cleaning solution on the floor and leads to significant water savings. This feature, in combination with the 16-gallon (60-l)...
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    TASKI by Diversey

    TASKI SWINGO 1250B EQ142721

    22 inch
    The TASKI swingo 1250 B is a battery powered walk-behind auto scrubber. Compared to manual cleaning, the machine delivers significantly higher hygiene levels and improves the floor appearance as well as consistency of result. Due to the nearly perfect...
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    POWERBUFF XT-21 EQ51691

    21 inch
    The POWERBUFF XT-21 is a battery powered buffer. The motor is high horsepower and maintenance free with a smart watering system that reduces maintenance time. The POWERBUFF XT-21 has a computer controlled controller and a constant speed and torque of 2...
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